Update March 23rd:

  • improved physics: you can now throw objects around and as you carry them, they still hit other objects.
  • more toilet paper jokes: use the toilet :)
  • more intractable objects: Now more items in the house can get contaminated. You can sit passively on the furniture.
  • overall polish.

The game simulates spread of germs at home. You can interact with the items in your house and as you do, the germs spread from item to item. A green hollow indicates the contaminated items.

- You can wash small items and your hands to clean them.
- You can change clothes to clean your outfit, your hands get contaminated if your clothes are contaminated.
- You can throw items in trash can, clean or non-clean.

Catching the virus:
You catch the virus only if you eat a contaminated food item.

Spread of virus:
The virus spreads from item to item (your hands and clothes are invisible but still spread the germs)

Game ends when you go to bed.

I have a lot of ideas on how to develop the game further and add additional mechanics (disinfecting wipes, more toilet paper stuff, preparing food, multiplayer (multiple people in the same house, etc.) Depends on whether there is an audience for it. If you like the game give me a shout out.

This was my submission for the Quarantine Game Jam. Made the initial version  in 24 hours on March 15th 2020.

Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, feedback and/or praises.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VSPhqeN
IG: @no_such_studio
github: @hk1ll3r


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Cool ambiance and lightning, but too hard to play with my browser (Firefox) because the fps is very low (about 5 to 10 fps). Trying with chrome...

Would love to play it but the keybindings for cancel are not working on a non-us keyboard (like germans don't have the apostrophe available for Unity)

ah thanks for the feedback. I’m not working on this project for now. “escape” key works. will be annoying a bit since you’d have to press it twice and then click to get focus again.

New update out now! Don’t miss out on spreading the germs in a safe environment during the quarantine!


You could do the washing machine and you can only change your clothes once but afterwards you have to wash the old one's that you wore so you could change them again. -i hope that made sense ^0^

It does make sense. I had that and meal prep in mind, but would need more time to make them happen. Stay tuned for the updates :)

Thanks for trying the game.


Simple but well made. Thanks for this!

Glad you liked the game :) updates coming up this weekend.


I really like it :)

wish I could use the nes

haha thats a great idea, i’ll add it to the game hopefully :)