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I learnt about the Quarantine Game Jam this past Friday. Thought I’d make a submission since I’d been talking to a few of my friends about an educational game for how to protect ourselves from the virus at home.

48 hours later, I just uploaded this game for Quarantine Jam. https://hk1ll3r.itch.io/corona-simulator

The game simulates how the germs spread at home. When you have contaminated hands and touch items, well they get contaminated as well. Sit on the couch with dirty clothes, the couch is contaminated now. Drop a contaminated item onto another one or on the table? Guess what… everything is contaminated now.

You can wash items or throw them in garbage to get rid of the germs. There are quite a few unique mechanics in this version. If there is an audience, I could add a bunch more like disinfecting wipes, multiplayer (multiple people in the same house), food prepping, etc.

The current version is a prototype… made in 24 hours of not sleeping by a single dev, aka me. I cranked out the main mechanics but there is a lot that could be done to expand and improve the game.

If you are intrigued, give it a try. You can play it in the browser. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy! And stay safe at home.


corona-simulator-v0.1.6.zip 10 MB
Mar 16, 2020

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